Clutch Clutch CITRON VISA-BX- PEUGEOT 309-405-205-305-405 VALEO D283A

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Clutch Clutch CITRON VISA-BX- PEUGEOT 309-405-205-305-405 VALEO D283A

If you buy after clicking affiliate links on this site we might receive a commission from companies such as eBay, Amazon etc This does not affect the price you pay.
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Clutch Clutch CITRON VISA-BX- PEUGEOT 309-405-205-305-405 VALEO D283A


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309-405-205-305-405 Clutch VALEO D283A-BX-PEUGEOT CITROEN VISA

SACHS CLUTCH D283A < span class = "notranslate" > CITROEN-PRUGEOT

Compatibile con

make Modle engine cc kW Cylinder Type Year CitroenVisa16 GTI1580764HATCHBACK1985-1986CitroenVisa16 GTI1580834HATCHBACK1986-1991CitroenBx161580534HATCHBACK1987-1993CitroenBx161580644HATCHBACK1985-1993CitroenBx161580664HATCHBACK1982-1988CitroenBx161580684HATCHBACK1982-1992CitroenBx161580764HATCHBACK1986-1993CitroenBx191905704HATCHBACK1986-1989CitroenBx191905754HATCHBACK1986-1989CitroenBx19 S1905804HATCHBACK1988-1993CitroenBx19 GTi1905884HATCHBACK1988-1993CitroenBx19 GTi1905904HATCHBACK1986-1993CitroenBx16 S1580654HATCHBACK1989-1993CitroenBX Break161580534Estate1988-1994CitroenBX Break161580644Estate1985-1994CitroenBX Break161580764Estate1986-1994CitroenBX Break191905754Estate1986-1994CitroenBX Break191905884Estate1988-1994CitroenBX Break161580654Estate1989-1994CitroenBX Break191905804Estate1988-1994Peugeot2051.6 CTI1580764convertible1986-1990Peugeot205 Mk II1.6 GTI1580764HATCHBACK1987-1989Peugeot2051.61580554HATCHBACK1986-1987Peugeot2051.6 GTI1580764HATCHBACK1984-1987Peugeot2051.9 GTI1905944HATCHBACK1986-1987Peugeot205 Mk II1.9 GTI1905944HATCHBACK1987-1998Peugeot2051.6 CJ1580654convertible1992-1994Peugeot2051.9 CTI1905754convertible1987-1994Peugeot205 Mk II1.9 GTI1905884HATCHBACK1987-1994Peugeot205 Mk II 1.9 GTI cat1905754HATCHBACK1987-1994Peugeot305 Mk II1.61580664Saloon1984-1987Peugeot305 Mk II1.61580714Saloon1982-1984Peugeot305 Mk II1.61580554Saloon1982-1988Peugeot305 Mk II1.91905754Saloon1982-1985Peugeot3091.61580534HATCHBACK1987-1989Peugeot3091.61580554HATCHBACK1985-1989Peugeot3091.61580764HATCHBACK1985-1988Peugeot3091.91905724HATCHBACK1986-1989Peugeot3091.91905754HATCHBACK1985-1989Peugeot3091.91905804HATCHBACK1988-1989Peugeot3091.9 GTI1905884HATCHBACK1988-1989Peugeot3091.9 GTI1905944HATCHBACK1986-1989Peugeot309 Mk II1.61580654HATCHBACK1989-1993Peugeot309 Mk II1.91905724HATCHBACK1989-1993Peugeot309 Mk II1.91905804HATCHBACK1990-1993Peugeot309 Mk II1.9 GTI1905884HATCHBACK1989-1993Peugeot4051.61580534Saloon1987-1992Peugeot4051.91905704Saloon1987-1992Peugeot4051.61580554Saloon1987-1988Peugeot4051.61580654Saloon1987-1992Peugeot4051.9 Injection1905774Saloon1987-1992Peugeot4051.91905804Saloon1988-1992Peugeot4051.91905884Saloon1988-1992Peugeot4051.61580534Estate1988-1992Peugeot4051.61580664Estate1988-1992Peugeot4051.91905704Estate1988-1992Peugeot4051.91905884Estate1988-1992Peugeot4051.61580654Estate1988-1992Peugeot4051.61580554Estate1988-1992Peugeot4051.91905774Estate1988-1992Peugeot4051.91905804Estate1988-1992TalbotHORIZON1.61592664HATCHBACK1982-1986Talbot1307-15101510 1.61592664HATCHBACK1981-1982TalbotSolara1.61577654Saloon1980-1981TalbotSolara1.61592664Saloon1981-1986Peugeot305 Mk II1.91905754Estate1984-1987Peugeot305 Mk II1.61580714Estate1983-1984CitroenBX Break191905704Estate1987-1989Peugeot2051.9 GTI1905754HATCHBACK1987-1987Peugeot205 Mk II1.61580554HATCHBACK1987-1998Peugeot305 Mk II1.61580544Saloon1986-1988Peugeot305 Mk II1.91905724Saloon1986-1988Peugeot305 Mk II1.61580544Estate1986-1988Peugeot305 Mk II1.61580554Estate1986-1988Peugeot305 Mk II1.61580664Estate1984-1987Peugeot305 Mk II1.91905724Estate1986-1988Talbot1307-1510Simca 1510 1.61592544HATCHBACK1980-1983Talbot1307-1510Simca 1510 1.61577654HATCHBACK1978-1980TalbotMURENA1.61577664Coupe1981-1985Peugeot3091.61580594HATCHBACK1985-1989Peugeot4051.61580694Saloon1987-1992Peugeot305 Mk II1.61580694Saloon1982-1988CitroenBx161580584HATCHBACK1987-1993Peugeot205 Mk II1.6 GTI1580854HATCHBACK1987-1989Peugeot4051.91905934Saloon1987-1993Peugeot4051.61580694Estate1988-1992Peugeot309 Mk II1.61580694HATCHBACK1989-1993Peugeot3091.61592694HATCHBACK1986-1989CitroenBX Break19 cat1905754Estate1986-1994CitroenBX Break161580554Estate1988-1994CitroenBx161580554HATCHBACK1988-1993Peugeot2051.61580554HATCHBACK1986-1987Peugeot309< span class = notranslate ' > 1.6 CAT1580554HATCHBACK1986-1989Peugeot309 Mk II1.61580684HATCHBACK1989-1993CitroenBX Break161580664Estate1985-1988CitroenBx151580594HATCHBACK1987-1992CitroenBX Break151580594Estate1987-1992CitroenBx191905774HATCHBACK1986-1989

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